American Policing and the 2nd Amendment

I’m having a difficult time understanding how so many in this country can justify both the police shooting citizens who they thought had a gun and then in the same breath argue for something like “constitutional carry”.

Not fun facts at all:

Isaiah Brown was shot by a Virginia Sherrif’s deputy while he was still on the phone with 911. The deputy mistook his phone for a gun. This man called 911 for help and then was shot by the police sent to him while still on the phone with dispatch.

Casey Goodson was shot in the back by Ohio police in plane clothes while entering his home holding. The police did not have body cameras and their reports conflict with eyewitness acounts as well as physical evidence. He had just returned from the dentist and was killed in his own doorway in front of his grandmother and two toddlers. Goodson did have a license to carry, making it legal for him to have a gun, but according to his family was only carrying a sandwich at the time. Either way, he wasn’t even the suspect the police were looking for and there is still a question as to why he was even confronted by police in the first place.

As long as we continue to justify the shooting, and often murder, of our own citizens by our own police then we actually have no right to bear arms in this country at all. By giving our police a pass at shooting the citizens they are expected to protect for having something in their hands, be it an actual gun or not, we’re saying that citizens do not actually have the right to carry a weapon – not even in our own homes.

Not fun facts at all:

Atatiana Jefferson was inside her own house when shot through her window in her backyard and killed by police in Fort Worth during a wellness check. The fact that Attatiana did not know who was in her backyard and legally had the right to own that gun did not protect her.

Philando Castille was killed by a Saint Paul, MN police officer after informing them he had a gun during a “routine” traffic stop. The fact that he informed the officer, as he is supposed to do, and legally had a right to have that gun in his vehicle did not protect him.

Ryan Whitiker was killed by Phoenix police when he answered his own door at 10pm while holding a gun. Whitiker was shot twice in the back while trying to put the weapon down after realizing it was police at his door. His right to own that gun did not protect him.

Every one of the states where the above examples happened has some sort of Stand Your Ground law or Castle Doctrine. Each individual who did actually have a gun had that gun legally.

If our police are allowed to kill us despite our legal right to own a gun, we only have that right until an officer decides we don’t, justification for that decision not required. With this in mind, it seems that something like constitutional carry would only result in more police shootings, more American citizens killed by police, by the state.

If you want to openly carry a gun with or without any kind of licensing or training required and also continuously find yourself believing the cops in examples such as those listed here were justified in killing American citizens they only thought had a weapon or who had one legally…

Along the same lines, if our right to guns is so that we can protect ourselves from a tyrannical state who may kill us yet we continue to justify the state killing citizens who may or may not have an actual gun…

Which is it? Do we have the right to bear arms or do the police have the right to kill us at will?

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