It Has Been a While

I haven’t touched this blog in two years, but what better time to come back to it than the beginning of an election year while the country is so polarized politically that Donald Trump may actually have a shot at the RNC nomination and the DNC is currently battling it out between the potential first female president or a self proclaimed democratic socialist?  It should be an exciting year, no doubt.

I do think it somewhat funny that the last post I made in 2013 I specifically mentioned Ted Cruz and now he has just won the Iowa caucus this past Monday…if you were wondering, I still think he is a religious bigot and he will do nothing good for the ‘ol USofA. More on that in a later post I am sure.

I would like to say something like, sorry for abandoning all you loyal followers and I promise not to do it again but…I don’t really have any followers so I can’t feel that terrible about it to be honest. Also, I don’t want to make any empty promises anyway.

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