Lately I have been hearing and reading about how Congress is exempt from Obamacare and they don’t have to sign up for the same universal health care that the rest of us are required to use, that even the President himself refuses to sign up for his new universal healthcare that he is forcing on the country. Isn’t that terrible!?! What does that say about this Obamacare if even the people who came up with it refuse to use it!?!

If you don’t like the Affordable Care Act for actual, legit reasons that are actually part of the act that is one thing, but it is important that you understand what the ACA actually is and what it is not.

The ACA is not universal healthcare.

Congress and the president are “exempt” in the same way that anyone who already has insurance is “exempt” – as in, they already have insurance and they can keep that insurance if they so choose.

No one is forcing anyone to sign up for universal healthcare as America does not and still will not have universal healthcare.

The ACA is already law (it was passed four years ago and ruled by the supreme court as constitutional last year) and is mostly already enacted. The part of the ACA that congress is currently debating over is the part that utilizes market shares so that people who qualify will be able to shop for and purchase subsidized insurance.

If the Government shuts down next week it will not stop the market shares and subsidized insurance from being made available – the government employees who would be implementing this part of the law (which has already passed, four years ago and is mostly already in place) has already been deemed “necessary” and will not be effected by the government shut down.

If the government shuts down on Tuesday it will cost the US more than 2 billion dollars just to shut down and start back up again.

There are a number of reasons to not agree with the ACA but calling it universal healthcare is not one of them and shutting down the government will not help anyone (other than Ted Cruz who has officially made himself a household name by calling on congress to play chicken with our economy).

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