DOMA is dead and Wendy Davis is my Hero

Yesterday was a monumental day for America.

Our courts finally showed some humanity and acknowledged that DOMA is unconstitutional paving the way for nationwide equality to come. Right now there are 13 states that allow same sex marriage and our federal government will recognize those marriages. It is important that I point out that no one thinks this war is over and we all agree that there will be many more battles to come, but let us have this victory along the way. This is huge and has finally, actually created a path that could (and will eventually) lead to that equality we all want. Had the DOMA ruling gone the other way it would have been a giant, pad locked door in our faces rather than the open window we were given yesterday. So, let us all be happy now and use this as motivation to help make the oppression of same sex couples a thing of the past. I have written before on this subject and I am sure that I will write about it again and today I am proud of my country’s progress and look forward to growing prouder still.

Yesterday and the night before were good for Texas women as well; because we have Wendy Davis and she has no fear.


I wanted to vote for Davis in the past local elections, desperately wanted to vote for her. I attended her debates, I followed her on line, I purchased magazines to read articles about her and for the first time in a long time I was actually excited about a Texas politician. I was not able to vote for her though because we had recently purchased a house and when we did we moved out of her district here in Fort Worth. I was a Wendy Davis supporter before she won her seat in this state’s senate and now after her one woman filibuster Tuesday night to block a ridiculous bill against a woman’s right to choose in Texas I have become even more of a fan. I would love to see her on the gubernatorial ballot and would vote for a blue Texas in a heartbeat if she was leading the charge. Our current Governer has called a second special session hoping to still get this bill through and I sincerly hope that Texas doesn’t prove to the rest of the country how opressive and against women we can be by passing this bill next week – regardless of the outcome though we have hope for Texas with Wendy.

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