Presidential Pilgrimage 2013

Smitty, The E and Molly from Maryland

April 7th to April 12th I went on a pilgrimage to see some presidential memorials through the north east and mid North America with my dearest friend.

2,411 miles
$267.52 spent on 10 tanks of gas
$40 something in toll fees
10 Presidential Memorials
7 States
6 Capitol Cities
5 Days
4 Nights
3 exceptional detours
2 amazing friends
a blue bunny
1 Chevy Cruz
and 0 speeding tickets

I want to write about the road trip, I want to put on paper how unique and comforting it was. I want to find a way to log each hilarious or touching moment. I want to express how amazing everything was, how boring Ohio is, how bad the roads in Michigan are, how breathtaking the great lakes are. I want to make sure to explain that our detour to Kentucky for BBQ felt like we had driven straight back to Texas, that the Catskills and Adirondacks in upstate NY are a sight to see, that the mountains and pinewood forests in PA are desperately beautiful and that not all of Jersey is terrible…but I don’t even know where to begin.

The last night E and I went to Kellogg’s diner a couple of blocks from his apartment in Brooklyn and talked about our favorite parts of the trip. I said the hotel lobby bar in Michigan, he said just being on the road listening to music and laughing at stupid jokes. I think we were both a little wrong – the best part was each other. I miss my friend Eric dearly and daily and this trip allowed me some time with that friendship I thought I may have lost five years ago as I watched Manhattan fade in the rearview of my mother’s minivan. So, really my favorite part of the trip wasn’t any of the sites or memorials or even Niagara Falls, my favorite part was getting my best friend back, for a few days at least.

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