America the Broken

As I have written before, I am a Patriot; I love my country and I believe in my government and I don’t hate my president. Well, at least I was a patriot.

I am losing my faith and my confidence in my government to govern. Every three months there is another fiscal crisis threatening my husband’s income and/or job.  My husband who is a Combat Veteran, my husband the former Soldier and current Airman, my husband who spent more than 7 years of his life in active duty for a country that he loves, then a year as a reservist, then got a uniformed job with the DOD and joined the Air National Guard. As a thank you for everything he has done for love and Country, for the years given, for following orders, for going to war, for continuing to support, care for and dedicate his life to his country 20% of his income is going to be cut for 22 weeks and this is after 3 years with a freeze on raises. And there is absolutely no reason for this to happen other than politics. This cut will save the DOD 5 billion in the next year, he will go 22 weeks (nearly 6 months) with 20% less income and for this year only the DOD will reduce their spending by 5 billion. The DOD could easily cut temp techs all together and have a permanent spending reduction of 20% but they do not want to do that, they would prefer this rout which is only temporary but just long enough to put their dedicated, full time men and women in jeopardy of considerable financial duress.

We will be fine, we will work it out and come out the other end OK but not all of the men and woman who are affected by this are as fortunate as we are. The budget cuts and reduction of my Husband’s income however are not really what is shaking my faith in my Country. We have grown used to this kind of fear; we have back up plans for our back up plans just in case the Government shuts down again over party divides regarding the debt ceiling. We have cut all frivolous bills and currently only pay for the necessities (mortgage, car note, water, and electricity), we have roommates despite being newlyweds and well out of college, we purchase off brand clothes and food etc. The issue is that we do not feel secure, at all, with his government employment and we certainly are not confident that our government will come through for its employees or veterans of which he is both.

Congress is so divided over party lines that even when they agree they refuse to actually work together. I have seen toddlers compromise over Legos better than these grown adults can over anything. Both sides are already feeling out candidates for 2016 rather than paying attention to what is going on right now. Rubio and Rand are already gearing up for the primaries and we are not even half way through 2013 – the president barely finished his inaugural address and the GOP is already shutting out Christy in an attempt to block support because he had some photos taken with the president after Hurricane Sandy. God forbid a Republican care more about his constituents and city than going to the RNC or the CPAC.

It has become increasingly more difficult to stay in love with a country who consistently abuses us, who ignores our concerns or needs for specific political gain with specific lobbyists. I am struggling to support a President who can’t seem to get anyone to work together on anything, I have completely lost faith in a Congress who can devastate its country with across the board spending cuts and suffer no loss of their own income or leisure. I have lost trust in a system that would chose temporary fixes over actual change or betterment.

America, you are breaking my heart.

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