The Christ part of Christmas

So many Americans are angry that the holiday is so commercialized and that everyone wants to ignore the “reason for the season” however ignorant that statement is let’s talk about how Christ is still on the majority of American’s minds. 78% of Christians still believe in Christ , while this percentage has been dropping it is still a definite majority.  Even though the employees of the department stores we all shop for Christmas presents and decorations at may wish you a Happy Holiday rather than a Merry Christmas this has in no way changed the amount of Christ related products even the most secular of big box retailers sell. You can still find plenty of Nativity scenes for sell at JC Penny’s and Target, you will not be hard pressed to find Religious cards to mail to your friends and family at WallMart and even though your Christmas Angel figurine may be found on the same shelf as a menorah it does not change the fact that the Angel is still for sale.

I think that some simply want to believe that they are under attack or they are merely upset that other religions and traditions are celebrated around the same time of year. This, to me, is hateful and selfish. No one is telling you not to remember the birth of Christ during Christmas yet you are telling everyone else that they need to stop celebrating anything but. What drives me up the wall personally is that all of this anger about removing Christ from Christmas is mostly targeted at retailers for their advertisement during the Holiday season. One woman is angry because a major retailer created a holiday jingle that includes Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza in the same song stating that it is insulting that they would not choose to use just Christ to advertise products for CHRISTmas presents…I am no expert but I am fairly certain that consumerism was nothing Jesus concerned himself with and I seriously doubt that exploiting your savior to sell needless products as presents to celebrate his birth is something he would be grateful for. It irks me that people try so desperately to make a big deal about something so trivial and that in doing so they seem to forget to act like Christians.

The fact of the matter is that Christmas is a stolen holiday to begin with; it is well known even to Christians that Christ was not born in the month of December. It is also no secret that Christmas took over December 25th in an effort to bring pagans into the fold by combining their holiday with one of our own. So basically this means that every time someone is angry about Christ being taken out of Christmas really they are just upset because what they stole from others is being taken back to the original owners.

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