10 Reasons election season sucks

1.       Misleading, out of context or untrue memes making the rounds on the internet.

2.       Actually, memes about candidates in general just suck (what ever happened to political cartoons? Let’s bring those back).

3.       Crazies calling out other crazies for being a different kind of crazy.

4.       Hateful TV ads that flat out lie about the other candidate

5.       The media distracting the public from actual issues to focus on non-issues like:

a.       What the first lady is wearing.

b.      What kind of make up the first lady uses.

c.       How many days of vacation the incumbent took in their first term.

d.      They type of underwear the hopeful candidate wears.

e.      What kind of music the hopeful VP candidate likes.

f.        Who either candidate’s father is/was.

6.       Finding out that your friends/family are not registered or just don’t care enough to vote.

7.       Finding out that your friends/family does not understand our election process or how our government is run.

8.       Receiving PAC mailers.

9.       The terror of political conversations at work – especially when you know your views differ greatly from your coworkers.

10.   Trying desperately to convince people that the congressional and local elections are actually just as (if not more) important as the Presidential election.

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