New World Order

The United Nations General Assembly started today and with it the criticism of our president’s motives, lack of one on one meetings with other world leaders and how all of this will affect the current campaign for our upcoming presidential elections. I am starting to feel like this campaigning can’t end soon enough. I would love to take the time to explain why I believe that presidential campaigns are hurtful to our country, how they do nothing but encourage division in our society and confusion about what actually is important and necessary for the job role of our nation’s leader but right now there is so much else going on that I can’t focus on this election at all.Image

If you have been following the news even a little bit there is no way you would be able to escape the current “unrest” in the Middle East. Syria is in the middle of a civil war with 30,000 dead and refugees have nowhere to go because Turkey can’t take anymore, Libya just came through a civil war that is reluctant to really let go, embassies and consulates have been attacked over a shitty 12 minute film made by an angry Coptic Christian from Egypt, and Egypt! Oh crap, Egypt! And then we have Iran on the verge of obtaining nuclear power and Israel is straight pissed about it all and pissed at us for not taking care of it to ensure their safety. Iran’s very vocal president is on a media tour while in NYC and is not even subtly remarking on the “bullying” tactics of control the US has in the Middle East and how mandates are unjust and unacceptable. He says that he will uphold agreements with Israel and that the Iranian Nuclear ambitions are for peaceful purposes only but is a known anti-Semite who has said things such as “Israel has no roots in the Middle East and would be eliminated”. Obama has said that we will “do what we must” to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear power and Isreal has tweeted about missing President Clinton because Obama doesn’t “put them at ease” (funny, they didn’t mention Bush). President Ahmadinejad is calling for a “New World Order” and Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu says that America should “draw red lines” for Iran.

It is all starting to sound like the rhetoric at the beginnings of war but by all means friends lets keep talking about Ann Romney’s emergency plane landing and Michelle and Barack’s appearance on The View.

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