The New Red Scare

There is a statistic that keeps getting thrown out there by politics and their friends right now and that is that 50 million people in the US are on welfare which is roughly 1 in 6 people living in the United States. This statistic isn’t exactly true.

There are actually only about 4.4 million people in the US on welfare as the average citizen understands it, this overblown statistic includes Medicaid recipients (who are mostly the working poor) in order to hit the 50 million mark. I think that it is important that you know who you are calling lazy and realize that many of them are working and not just bumming about waiting for a check from the government.

Another thing that is frequently brought up by people (like Glenn Beck) is that our current president is a Marxist because he believes that some redistribution is necessary.


First let’s understand what Marxism is.

Karl Marx believed that in a society eventually the proletariat (i.e. the middle class and below) would revolt and overthrow the owners of capital, i.e. the factory owners, corporate CEO’s yadda yadda to create a socialist society which would eventually evolve into a communist society. In other words, Marx believed in a process which ends in communism. It is very important to understand that Marx was a humanist and wanted an evolved form of freedom without the burden of class struggles or poverty. The bulk of people today associate communism with Hitler and do not realize that communism actually has nothing to do with war or genocide but that is another post all together.

Now, let’s put everything into perspective.

Many aspects of our current capitalist society take on some socialist ideas. For example, our military which is paid by taxes, our public education system, the USPS, highways, and yes welfare, food stamps, social security, Medicaid and Medicare all are made possible by taxing the general population which is redistribution of wealth (technically). However, I do not see that our President is actually attempting to push us along towards communism considering that Obama gave bail outs to wall street and the car companies to keep them from failing thus keeping the owners owning, sellers selling and the proletariat working rather than revolting, though many of them need some assistance in order to survive, both the working class as well as the corporations and so they receive checks from the government. There are a thousand arguments both for and against the above but really it isn’t equal redistribution or communism.

So, my point is…

There are plenty of reasons to not like Obama as President, and plenty of reasons not to vote for him in November (there are just as many reasons not to vote for Romney either but again that is another post all together) but claiming that he is a Marxist and will magically turn the U.S.A into a communism if he has 4 more years in office is a little bit crazy. Especially when you think about the fact that, even if he is a full blown Marxist, he still has to get approval from congress to make changes, that additional votes have to be held to push bills through the house, that he doesn’t actually govern on his own and that he is in fact not a King or dictator with sole control of government who can just do whatever he wants to with our country.

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