President shmesident

I have grown so tired and frustrated with the myriad of political meme’s posted on social media. Typically they are only partial truths if there is any truth to them at all and 100% of the time all they accomplish is pissing off half of your news feed.

I could make arguments as to why neither Romney nor Obama should win the coming election without the help of an out of context quote next to a picture of the candidate.

Romney wants to waste the taxpayer’s money repealing “Obamacare” with the intention of replacing it with something that is not that far off from the current Affordable Healthcare Act (please note that the current act is modeled similar to the healthcare Reform Romney pushed through as mayor in Michigan); so either way you vote pretty much the same thing is going to happen with healthcare regardless…well, except mandatory birth control coverage; that little part varies on the candidate. I could argue that both Romney and Ryan have no experience in foreign policy, that Romney’s version of religious freedom in America is tailored to Christians only and that when he says that he wants to uphold American family values what he means is that he does not want to validate gay American families and you shouldn’t either. I could mention that Romney doesn’t really have any policy that he will detail for the public and has based his entire campaign on the fact that he isn’t Barack Obama so really we can’t tell what kind of President he would be at all – just that he wouldn’t be the one we have.

Obama on the other hand has dimmed down his previous campaign promises to run as conservative an administration as he can as a democrat and is essentially just begging us all to give him a little more time. Not to mention he extended the Bush tax cuts, increased rather than decreased the national deficit, and has held tight to the Bush era terrorism policies including but not limited to indefinite detention without trial for accused (read accused not proven) terrorists and exorcised the power to assassinate US citizens. I could argue that Obama is a lot more talk than he is action that he has not reacted strongly to the attacks on our embassies in the Middle East, that he has increased off shore drilling and failed to lower the cost of college for America’s youth.

I can make ridiculous arguments about both candidates as well, just like the meme’s do – calling Obama a Socialist, a closet Muslim, and a failure at boosting our economy, while Romney wears special magic underpants, dismisses half the population as feeling entitled, and refuses to show more than two years of his taxes to the public.

I know that every general election season is worse than the last and that no candidate is perfect but I also know that neither candidate actually wants to destroy our Country, or is anti-American as so many of the general population like to yell on their facebook walls and in their twitter feeds. I have serious concerns about both our President Elect and the President Hopeful and honestly right now I don’t know who you should vote for or even who I will vote for. I am thinking about not checking the box for president at all. I am honestly more concerned about Kay Granger and Dave Robinson of Fort Worth for Congress than I am about either of these boys running for President.

One thought on “President shmesident

  1. Eventually, the President will just be a figurehead such as Zaphod Beeblebrox, and the true democracy will lie in who we vote for locally. Actually, that now is already the truth. The moral of this tale is that people who limit their voting to presidential campaigns are limiting their already miniscule wield of power in our government.

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