Care not, America

Today protests of the poorly made anti Islam film have spread across the Middle East. Last night in Yemen and today in Iran, demonstrations continue in Libya for the third day and warships are headed to the Libyan coast.

Americans in general don’t seem to care much except about how this affects the campaigns for our coming general elections in November. It concerns me that the majority of Americans are not glued to this story but rather to how Romney and Obama are going to use it against each other. Though the film is what allegedly sparked the demonstrations and violence there seems to be a much more deep seeded issue here as the protesters chant “death to America” and “we are all Osama” outside our embassies across the middle east. And this does not appear to be simmering down, no one else has been killed but plenty have been injured, fires are still burning and American flags continue to be pulled down and destroyed. Two of our embassies have been breached and many more have mobs at their doorsteps. This should be everywhere, I should see conversations on social media, hear it in between songs on the radio but all I get is silence.

I feel that sometimes this is the larger problem with Americans, it isn’t happening here so we don’t care. The few things I have heard regard the date the protests started and how that offends the U.S.  I agree, September, 11th is a day where most Americans are on edge, sad and still quite angry but we should be upset about more than the offense of the date. We should be alarmed that things could escalate so quickly, that our embassies have been breached, that an American Ambassador was killed.

An American Ambassador was killed. Our embassies are being breached. Why don’t you care?

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