Egypt and Libya

I am unable to focus today.

All that I can think about are the attacks on the Embassy in Egypt and the Consulate in Libya. I am sad and disturbed by the violence in Libya and the death of 4 American officials there. I am amazed that we do not have better security at the Embassy in Egypt and that the walls were actually breached. I am shocked by the quick judgment of the Republican President hopeful and his poorly timed comments on the current President as these events were unfolding.

I have been following the press and my news feed on social networks in regards to the events yesterday and have been consistently disgusted by many of the responses. It is one thing to be upset, angry even about the attacks yesterday it is another thing entirely to wish for a response as heinous as the actions of the mob. I too am upset to learn that the “protests” may have been planned and not spontaneous as was originally assumed, that an Ambassador was killed along with 3 of his staff, that all of this happened on the 11th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks in NYC but I am not ignorant enough to think that I know what we should do about it or what the correct response would be. I do know that the film that allegedly sparked the protests was not worth the death of anyone and that the man who made them has (justifiably) gone into hiding. I also know, that despite claiming to be an Israeli Jew, Israel is claiming that they have no association with him (also justifiable whether it is true or not).

I have no real response to this. I am amazed, in a bad way and terribly sad that this has happened.

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